About us

About us


Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Adithya Green Homes

At Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Aadithya Green Homes, we pride ourselves on providing transparency, value for money, and a customer-focused approach.

Our goal is to build environments where our clients may easily live and work. Our guests enjoy the best indoor and outdoor experiences thanks to our well-organized layouts and innovative designs with the most up-to-date security systems. We feel that "home" should be more than just wonderful; it should be the finest!

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Vision & Mission

We support the use of cutting-edge technologies, including modern information technology, design tools, well-designed construction methods, customer experience, and transparency.


Technology now has the ability to help with cost-cutting, quality improvement, and on-time delivery. By assuring transparency and quick feedback, this will ultimately boost consumer happiness. We can also make goods that are sustainable over the long run and ecologically beneficial thanks to new advanced technology. We will provide our products and complete our mission with the help of our team of dedicated and smart people.

Our Values

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. Prior to delivery, we thoroughly assess the client's needs, taking into account their unique requirements and aspirations. Because we value building long-term relationships with our clients, we continue to offer services after you've found your ideal home to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.

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We at Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Aadithya Green Homes are firm believers in full transparency, whether it pertains to project requirements, construction specifics, or cost. Our connections are constructed on a basis of honesty, ethics, and trust.

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Timely Delivery

We strongly believe in completing our assignments within the deadline due to our strict discipline and excellent management skills.

Quality Construction

Due to our strict discipline and superior management skills, we firmly believe in finishing our assignments by the deadline.

Our Team

Hyderabad based builder and took up several ventures in Hyderabad, Yagagirigutta, Kalvakurthi and recently completed a huge commercial building at LB Nagar. His projects include plots, farm lands and commercial spaces. Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Aadithya Green Homes is his current venture after successful completion of farm lands in Yadadri.

Tadaka Yadagiri Founder & CEO Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Adithya Green Homes

Involved in several business activities including Bisleri Co Packer. He is first one to introduce approved real estate venture in Jammikunta in 2013. Previously he successfully completed ventures in Jammikunta, Hasanparthi and Hyderabad. Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Aadithya Green Homes is his current venture along with other business activities in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Chaduvu Rajendar Reddy Founder & CEO of Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Adithya Green Homes

Educationist and running educational institutions in Jammikunta for the past three decades. He is a writer, researcher, translator, and a traveller. Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Aadithya Green Homes is his current venture with an intention to introduce innovative and trustworthy inputs in the construction industry.

Dr. Pulluri Sampath Rao Founder & CEO of Lakshmi Ganapathi’s Adithya Green Homes